Get to the Heart of What Matters Most with Fire Inside’s Team Facilitation Services

A skilled and attuned facilitator can save a team weeks, if not months, of non-productive effort by getting to the heart of the matter quickly and enabling the team to tap into its natural creative problem solving capability.

We believe that every issue or initiative a team undertakes is an opportunity to both move forward on its goals and to learn and build the skill of team members. That’s why our team facilitation services often include a powerful developmental component.

Whether your team is struggling with a thorny issue, creating a strategy for change, working on a critical project or creating an off-site to recover and refuel, Fire inside’s talented facilitators can make all the difference.

With Fire Inside’s team facilitation services, your team will…


  • Gain insight and clarity on the issues at hand and get quickly to effective solutions;
  • Engage in meaningful and strategic conversations that will drive improvements in performance;
  • Ensure all the voices on the team get heard to enable greater creativity and alignment;
  • Clear log jams in productivity and move critical initiatives forward;
  • Work with the issues of the day to create greater team awareness and skill;
  • Recover, refuel and build resilience for sustainable results.