Team Leadership with Fire Inside Leadership, Halifax, NS

Unlock your Team’s Potential with Fire Inside’s Team Leadership Services.

Have you ever been part of a winning team? One that was both fun to be part of and delivered outstanding results over and over again? What if you could create that with any team?

Here’s what we’ve learned from research in the field of team performance and over a decade of experience coaching teams to create great results.

Teams that put as much focus on HOW they work together as WHAT they do together, outperform teams that don’t.

Consistently great performance doesn’t happen by chance. It takes focus and skill. When teams invest time in understanding their unique dynamic and developing their teamwork skills and relationships, they create a more positive and productive working environment and are better able to leverage the collective energy and performance of the team.

This is particularly true of leadership teams. Our team coaches have extensive training and experience working with the unique dynamics and challenges of leadership teams. When leaders can improve performance and team engagement at this level, they can create transformative improvements in performance throughout their organization.

That’s why we created Fire Inside’s Team Leadership services.


This work creates a different level of focus on relationships and interactions. It makes things very real. It works on an emotional and behavioural level as opposed to a tactical level. It’s all about impact – my impact as an individual leader and the impact of the team.

Nancy MacCready Williams, CEO, Doctors Nova Scotia