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Canadian Based Leadership Training and Development

To foster outstanding leadership, leaders need training and development.


Maybe you’re concerned with:

  • Creating an inspiring and productive environment.
  • Developing collaborative, high-performance teams
  • Meeting the growing demands of complexity.
  • Facilitating greater trust among key players
  • Defining and elevating respect in the workplace
  • Overcoming adversity and resistance to change

Here’s the truth: powerful leaders are not manufactured, they are uncovered.

Each of us has inherent and unique leadership qualities. When we develop and strengthen them, we bring out our own authentic and powerful leadership capacity.

We do both, focusing on development.

We hone in on what’s preventing you from being the best leader you can be so you can be the best person you can be. At the heart of our work is sustainable transformation.

We ensure your leadership experience is relevant, customized and practical by working with the real challenges and issues you are facing inside your organization. We focus not only on your day-to-day activities but also your relationships.

Our Leaders, Teams, and Organizations Experience Transformation Through:


Where practical application meets current best practices in leadership.


Individual coaching, leadership cohorts, team & organizational experiences.


We can access all the right tools to help make sense of your development.


Bring your vision and strategy to life while building the leadership capacity to propel your organization forward.


Leverage our unique co-facilitation skills to help you tackle your organization’s most critical issues and initiatives.


Fuel your vision + strategy with a positive, high performance culture. Develop the awareness, skill and commitment to sustain it.

Let us create customized programming for your organization’s unique needs.

Leadership development is a growth process and must be paced.

Leaders develop at their own unique pace, through experience and over time. For over two decades, Fire Inside Leadership has been on the front lines working with leaders who can navigate, engage, and inspire in increasingly challenging conditions.

Each of our coaches has received formal training in both individual and team coaching from International Coach Federation-accredited training institutions. We all maintain a robust individual coaching and group facilitation practice. In addition, each of us brings over 25 years of business, leadership and consulting experience. We invest heavily in our own learning and development and supplement that with peer feedback, peer learning and routine client evaluations.

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