Peer Leadership Program, Fire Inside Leadership in Halifax, NS

Transform Your Leadership. Grow Your Impact.

The Peer Leadership Program delivers more than training, it’s a powerful development experience that will grow your leadership capacity, resilience and impact. In addition to learning practical and relevant leadership skills, you’ll transform your outer game by working on your inner game. You’ll enhance your self awareness, sense of purpose and values, relationship effectiveness and capacity to make a difference in your organization and your world.

Our clients call the Peer Leadership Program transformational.


I was looking for a program that was beyond the classic: “what’s your leadership style?”. This program more than delivered. You have changed me, and forever this impact will stay with me.Natasha Clarke

Join a trusted group of peers with similar challenges and the shared desire to achieve more of their leadership potential.

The secret of this program’s success is that, together, we create the ideal conditions for growth and change…


  • a safe, challenging and confidential learning environment;
  • a motivated and trusted group of peer leaders committed to each other’s success;
  • transformative feedback and coaching delivered by highly trained, seasoned leadership coaches;
  • powerful content and conversations about real and practical leadership issues.

In 16  monthly group sessions, you will…


  • Gain powerful insight into your best self, how that inspires others and how to consistently bring that to your leadership;
  • Build resilience by infusing your leadership with a sense of purpose aligned with your deepest values;
  • Break free of limiting beliefs and unconscious drivers that undermine your confidence and effectiveness;
  • Develop and enhance vital relationship skills to build trust and bring out the best in others;
  • Create powerful conditions for collaboration, innovation and teamwork;
  • Build skill with team and organizational dynamics to create the ingredients for optimal performance;
  • Understand the dynamics of change and what you need to make your leadership transformational.



The program is carefully designed in a way that humanizes leadership. The practical concepts and knowledge gained provide a wide application in both personal and professional life.

Lorie Campbell Manager, Physician Services NS Health Authority


I have a true understanding of myself, my leadership style and how I show up in my life. It has changed the way I lead my team and in turn how they lead their work.

Dave Denny, PNS – Communications Nova Scotia

The program went above my expectations. I entered with the expectation of learning leadership skills to apply to my work, but I am leaving with the confidence to change the world.

Melodie Joy, Partner and Account Management, MMS

What I learned about myself will have a huge impact on who I will be as a leader. I am much more aware of my unintended impact and I am more intentional.

Candice Piercey, Manager, People and Culture Development, Acadian Seaplants

This program is not “Five Steps to being a better boss” or “How to be a better communicator.” It changes your way of thinking, reacting and interacting.

Meredith Cowan, Director, Secretariat, Communities, Culture and Heritage

While I have been through other leadership training in the past, none have ever impacted me so foundationally as the Fire Inside Peer Leadership Program. The awakening I received will change me for the better in every facet of my life.

Aubrey Hillyard Manager, Production and Maintenance, Acadian Seaplants

During our last day of this program, I realized I was in a room with the same people I started with but something had truly changed within them. I believe we will all be better leaders from our Fire Inside experience.

Paul Watson, Director of New Brunswick Operations, Acadian Seaplants

Register for the Peer Leadership Program as an individual leader, bring the program into your organization or invite us to work with a peer leadership group that you create.

Want to learn more?

Join us for a free two-and-a-half hour Peer Leadership Test Drive in which you’ll:

  • meet your fellow peers and program leaders;
  • learn more about the program and your own desire to grow;
  • get a taste of the full experience and the difference it can make for you.

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Location: Via Zoom 

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The March 2023 program is currently full.  Next program launch will be announced in Fall 2023