Fuel Outstanding Team Performance with Team Coaching from Fire Inside.

Over the past decade, our unique approach to team development combined with team coaches skilled in working with complex team dynamics, has enabled our clients to create measurable gains in both productivity and engagement time and time again.
Team coaching goes beyond traditional short-term approaches to team building that create a short-term bump in positive energy on the team and gets deep into what makes your team tick and how to create the conditions for outstanding performance over the long haul.


Fire Inside did a fantastic job coaching our leadership and executive teams and recognizing their diverse set of personalities, capabilities and skills. They supported us to establish the fundamentals and navigate more in-depth diagnostic frameworks. As a result, our teams became more self-aware, practiced and effective.

Tim Gillis, CEO, STI Technologies  


Over a minimum of 6 to 12 months, our team coaches will work with you on three key areas for optimal team performance – team purpose, team environment and awareness and skill.

Specifically, the team will…


  • Undergo a Team Diagnostic™ which will profile the team’s strengths and challenges and create a benchmark to measure progress;
  • Gain deeper awareness and insight into what is and is not working on the team today and create a practical plan for improvement;
  • Create team agreements to build a solid foundation for teamwork going forward;
  • Clarify and align on the purpose of the team to fuel focus and a shared sense of mission;
  • Develop higher degrees of trust and candor to enable the team to more quickly uncover issues and resolve them more efficiently;
  • Build essential team skills for optimal performance including constructive interaction, communication and feedback, effective collaboration, alignment and team decision-making and shared accountability for results;
  • Improve the focus, content and effectiveness of team meetings to fuel greater productivity and results;
  • Measure gains in team productivity and engagement over time to enable continuous and sustainable improvement.