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Julian Young, Associate, Fire Inside Leadership in Halifax, NSFor over twenty years, Julian has supported the successful transformation of people, organizations, and systems in public, private, and non-profit sectors. In 2013, Julian brought his passion for change and transformation to the domain of coaching, working with leaders to bring out the best in themselves and their people, teams and organizations.

Julian delivers leadership coaching and facilitation to support his clients to create focus, strengthen their performance, and grow their leadership capacity. A Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and Certified Team Performance Coach, Julian engages leaders in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires extraordinary results and greater satisfaction in their career and life. Through the process of coaching, Julian will support you to deepen your learning and become more intentional and present in your choices and impact, while pursuing your own definition of success.

Throughout his career, Julian has served as a consultant, senior leader and change champion in the public sector, and in leadership roles on a variety of boards. Along with his extensive experience, Julian brings to his coaching the wisdom of an artful facilitator, seasoned educator, high performance team coach, and change strategist.


Work and life can be high pressured and frenetic, challenging our focus of attention. He’ll meet you where you are in life, support you to get more grounded, and champion you to develop the awareness, skill, and practice for the impact you want.

Sector/Industry Expertise:

Julian has worked with leaders from a wide range of sectors, including:

  • Manufacturing, engineering, and construction;
  • Not-for-Profit and public sector;
  • Advertising, marketing, and communications;
  • Finance, investment, and banking;
  • Independent entrepreneurs, business owners, start-ups;
  • Health services and administration;
  • IT sector;
  • Law enforcement;
  • New and recent graduates, researchers, and academics.

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