Re-energize Your Team with Fire Inside’s Skill Building Workshops

Develop and reward your team with a powerful and engaging skill building workshop. Fire Inside offers a series of 2-hour, half-day and full-day team leadership and skill building workshops to boost your team’s performance. These bite-sized learning experiences will build leadership, engagement and energy on your team.

This year’s workshop line-up includes:

  1. Transform Your Leadership with One Simple Skill
    Learn a simple leadership skill that has a transformative impact. It takes just moments to practice and a lifetime to master.
  2. Build Team Resilience: Renewable Energy
    Build personal and team resilience by exploring practical strategies for renewing your energy.
  3. Create Team Agreements for Greater Engagement
    Create powerful team agreements and learn how to apply them to improve positivity and performance.
  4. Find the Genius in Resistance
    Learn to stop struggling against resistance and start working with it to fuel creativity and change.
  5. Leverage Team Gifts and Differences Through the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
    Gain a deeper understanding of what makes you and your colleagues tick and how to tap into your differences for greater creativity and results.