Transform your organization with Fire Inside’s Strategy and Change Leadership services.

Shared vision, clear strategy, inspiring leadership.

Our strategy and change services are customized to meet your unique needs. You may be seeking wholesale transformation or simply incremental improvement. You may be at the beginning of a strategic planning process or deep into a major change initiative. No matter where you are, we can create a process to empower your success.

Fire Inside’s Strategy and Change Leadership services address both the strategy itself (the what) and the leadership skill and capacity needed to lead the change (the how). Our experience in strategic planning, change management, facilitation as well as leadership and team development give us the unique capability to support both.

We engage executive teams to align their vision, values, strategies, goals and performance measures creating a blueprint for the future that is inspiring, actionable and sustainable. At the same time, we work with your leaders to build the skill to inspire and lead the change necessary to bring it to life.


Fire Inside did a tremendous job to keep our leadership team focused, energized, and productive in our strategic planning effort.  They became an extension of our team. I highly recommend the Fire Inside team to any organization, especially those that appreciate the importance of trust and team work.

Tim Gillis, CEO, STI Technologies

Fire inside’s Strategy and Change Leadership services, enable you to…


  • Illuminate and deepen your understanding of the real and hidden value in your organization and its relationships through powerful conversations with your leaders, your employees and other key stakeholders;
  • Create a shared and inspiring vision for the future, aligned with the organization’s values;
  • Develop a clear and actionable blueprint for change including strategies, goals, key initiatives and tactics for bringing the plan to life;
  • Deepen your leadership team’s understanding of the dynamics of personal and organizational change and develop their capacity and skill to create the essential conditions for success;
  • Anchor your strategy with shared accountability and measurement and build the trust, skill and alignment to sustain your progress.