Conversations that Make a Difference with Facilitation Services from Fire Inside.

Create sustainable change with conversations that matter and the conditions that make them possible. Whether you wish to engage your employees, your customers or a diverse group of stakeholders, Fire Inside will design and deliver an interactive, engaging and effective group process to meet your needs.

Our team brings advanced co-facilitation, coaching, training and consulting skills to a wide range of meeting needs. For you, that means we have the flexibility and breadth to facilitate everything from a two-hour meeting to address competing interests to complex multi-stakeholder engagements to working groups formed to implement specific initiatives.


I have relied on the expertise of Fire Inside many times to find strategic alignment and common ground in diverse perspectives. The team at Fire Inside is a valuable resource for working in complex space for collaborative and strategic action.

Claudia Mann, Director, Court Services, Nova Scotia Department of Justice


With Fire Inside’s group facilitation process, you will…


  • Engage in conversations that have impact and create the basis for meaningful change;
  • Experience a model of co-facilitation and collaboration that creates the ideal conditions for courage, candor and deeper understanding;
  • Explore issues from multiple perspectives enabling greater creativity and better solutions;
  • Get to the heart of what needs to happen to create meaningful change;
  • Move forward on the issues that matter most.


I am impressed by the energy, positivity and skill set brought by Fire Inside. Their co-leaders are quickly able to create a trusting, open and collaborative atmosphere which engages meaningful participation for staff at all levels of the organization and which allowed us to deliver on our objectives.

Lindsay Wadden, Chief Operating Officer, Housing Nova Scotia