Fuel Your Success with a High-Performance Culture

Highly positive and productive cultures are like jet fuel for great performance.

High performance cultures don’t happen by chance; they take intention, leadership and a commitment to developing the skills to sustain them.

The first step is to understand the culture you have today at a level that reveals the behaviours and underlying beliefs that drive it. We achieve this, in part, through a cultural assessment of your organization using the Organization View™ assessment from Team Coaching International (TCI). Using the best research in the field of team and organizational performance, TCI has isolated 14 factors, 7 measuring productivity and 7 measuring positivity, that drive high performance cultures.

Fire Inside will then meet with your employees to present the results and dig deeper into the organization’s unique dynamic and how it supports or inhibits your ability to meet your goals.

Based on this information, we’ll work with your team to create the foundation for change.

Working with Fire Inside’s seasoned coaches and facilitators, you and your employees will:


  • Gain new and deeper awareness of the dynamics of your unique culture and how they are fueling or inhibiting your organization’s success;
  • Create a shared vision of the culture you need to operate at your best;
  • Generate a foundational framework to enable everyone to contribute to shaping the culture to support enhanced performance and engagement;
  • Develop the awareness and skill to build a positive and productive working environment in which employees are inspired to do their best;
  • Develop the capacity on your leadership team to create the optimal conditions for performance and inspire behaviours that contribute to improved productivity and morale.
  • Get feedback on your progress within 12 to 24 months via a follow up assessment.