Unlock Your Leadership DNA with this 12-week Program Exclusively for Peer Leadership Graduates

Take the next step on your path to outstanding leadership with the first in a series of offerings exclusively for Peer Leadership Graduates. Unlock Your Leadership DNA is a graduate-level 12-week program and the first in a series of offerings to support you on your leadership path.

In this 12-week program, you will:

  • Take a deeper dive into your unique Leadership DNA by learning about the internal operating system on which your leadership runs;
  • Undergo a one-of-a-kind leadership assessment that not only reveals your leadership strengths and weaknesses but delves deep into inner drivers, beliefs and assumptions that are propelling you forward and holding you back;
  • Learn what you can do to unlock your leadership potential and put yourself on a path of continuous improvement.

Join an intimate group of other Peer Leadership Graduates committed to growing their leadership impact and yours. This graduate level leadership program includes:


  • A 90-minute orientation call
  • A half-day face-to-face session to launch you and your fellow graduates on a path to accelerated growth;
  • Four 90-minute on-line full group sessions over the remaining 10 weeks in which you and your colleagues will explore your unique internal operating system and how and why it both propels you forward and holds you back;
  • Five 90-minute participant-led practice sessions with your own three to four-leader practice group to apply practices to unlock your leadership;
  • A mid-point individual coaching session to support your learning;
  • A half-day face-to-face session to support you to remain conscious and intentional in your leadership for the sake of your continued growth.
  • Develop a personalized Leadership Practice Plan to set you on a trajectory of growth.

Program Dates & Registration

  • Start date: The 2023 program is currently full.