Fuel your growth with the Leadership Circle Profile™

Get to the heart of your potential fast and get on the path to greater impact and effectiveness by adding the Leadership Circle Profile™ to Fire Inside’s Leadership Coaching process. This innovative 360 leadership assessment will give you and your coach powerful insight into your leadership impact and the underlying drivers that create it.

The Leadership Circle Profile goes deeper than traditional competency-based leadership assessments. For more rapid and lasting results, the Leadership Circle Profile is the only 360-degree competency assessment that simultaneously provides focused competency feedback while revealing the underlying assumptions that are causing your pattern of strengths and limitations.

The Leadership Circle Profile™ in concert with Leadership Coaching will…


  • Deliver in-depth and meaningful feedback to fuel your growth;
  • Get to the heart of your leadership strengths and limitations and their impact on your effectiveness;
  • Uncover unconscious drivers to behaviours that are holding you back and work at a level deep enough to create real and lasting change;
  • Pinpoint competencies you need to develop that have the strongest correlation to leadership effectiveness;
  • Enable you and your coach to create a clear and customized path forward to greater effectiveness and better results.